The newcomer is the most important person in any meeting because we can only keep what we have by sharing it.

Please do not be disturbed by the words "God" and "Power more powerful than we"!

These concepts are an integral part of our Recovery Program. Some of us understand the AA group by the words "God" and "Power more powerful than we", but most important is our recognition of the fact that there is a power more powerful than our own.

In order to gain sanity, we abandoned our narrow view of life, and learn to live based on spiritual values.

By following the Twelve Steps, we are able not only to arrange our lives well, but also to benefit others.

help for alcoholics

What the AA Fellowship Doesn't:

does not campaign or try to persuade anyone to join A.A.

does not keep any documents concerning the members of the Commonwealth or their medical records;

does not participate in research and is not responsible for them; does not participate in the management of social services, although A.A. members, groups and service departments often interact with them;

does not control its members, and does not monitor them; does not make medical or psychiatric diagnoses or predictions;

does not provide sobering-up or special care services, hospitalization, drugs, medical and psychiatric treatment;

does not offer any religious practices;

does not engage in education or anti-alcohol propaganda;

does not provide housing, food, work, money or other public goods or services;

does not give advice on family issues and on questions about choosing a profession;

accepts no payment for its services or contributions from non-AA sources.