A.A. and the Church

Somewhat similar tasks and attitudes towards the problem of alcoholism in Russia inevitably leads to the fact that the activities of the Alcoholics Anonymous community in one way or another come into contact with the activities of the clergy.

We are invited to thematic "round tables", to speak to parishioners of churches. Across the country, many temples open their doors for A.A. group meetings.

The duty of the Church is to revive in the public consciousness the attitude towards sobriety as a moral value. Our main goal is to stay sober and try to help other alcoholics find healthy lifestyles.

The provided document makes it possible to understand the proposed ways of interaction between the Russian Orthodox Church and all interested organizations on the way to solving the problem of alcoholism in Russia.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Commonwealth of Khabarovsk cooperates with the Khabarovsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in helping alcoholics. Priests attend open meetings, and Alcoholics Anonymous, in turn, at the invitation of the diocese, on condition of anonymity, speak to parishioners of churches, participate in round tables and other events that help "... convey our ideas to those alcoholics who are still suffering" - (5th A.A. Fellowship Tradition).

In addition, two groups of Alcoholics Anonymous are being held in Orthodox churches in Khabarovsk. This is the group "Good evening" in the Nativity of Christ Cathedral , at the address: st. Leningradskaya, 65 and the group "Comfort" in the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos , at the address: st. Vologodskaya, 28 "A".

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