Medicine and alcoholism

Free help for alcohol addicts

Alcohol ... Almost all of us drink alcohol, some very rarely, exclusively on New Year's or birthday, and some more often. And rarely does any of us think about the toxic effects of alcohol on our body, as well as the consequences of its use.

Alcohol is a strong psychotropic substance that affects the psyche and behavior of a person. In small doses, alcohol causes excitement, manifested in an increase in mood, a feeling of joy, a desire to have fun, but in large doses it leads to severe depression of the brain.

According to statistics, the majority of people who died from external causes, injuries and poisoning were in a state of alcoholic intoxication at the time of death.

It is important to remember that there are no completely recovered alcoholics or drug addicts.


There are non-drinking alcoholics and non-drinking drug addicts. The period of disuse is called remission. Remission is also a dynamic state that undergoes periods of instability, formation, stabilization. At each stage of the formation of remission, biochemical and psychological factors play a role to varying degrees.


It follows from this that the treatment should be comprehensive, and if at the first stages it is mainly psychopharmacological drugs with supportive psychotherapy, then in the future occupational therapy becomes of great importance - some kind of useful activity.

It is necessary that the patient with drug addiction or alcoholism be constantly busy, involved in the treatment process.


Unfortunately, the terms of treatment in city hospitals are short and the patient is discharged not fully prepared for working life. knows himself, his illness.