Rules of Procedure for the AA Group Meeting

Welcome to the meeting of the group "Alcoholics Anonymous. My name is (name) and I am an alcoholic. With your permission and trust, today I will lead our meeting ..."
This is how, or something like this, for many years in a row, meetings of most A.A. groups around the world begin.

The rules for conducting a meeting of the Alcoholics Anonymous group are necessary in order for the meeting to proceed in a constructive manner - the necessary and important thing was said, steps and traditions were read in a certain order, the topic of the meeting was determined and the rules of conduct for speakers were announced.

There is no hard and fast rule, but the meeting structure for most groups is roughly the same. It is possible, on the basis of group consciousness, to introduce amendments to the regulations, if they do not contradict the Traditions of the AA fellowship.

We bring to your attention the approximate rules of conduct adopted by the majority of the AA Commonwealth groups in Khabarovsk.

For your convenience, you can download the file in different formats to make your edits there and adapt it as conveniently as possible for use in your group.

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